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Complete training, from the mastery of the sail and the engine, on the ground and in flight, through obtaining the theoretical microlight (core common to all microlights) until flight in total autonomy.

Paramotor training in take-off on foot or trolley:


. Theorical class.

. Meteorology and aerology course.

. Safety maneuvers.

. Mastery of ground sailing.

. Folding the sail.

. Ground engine management and pre-flight check.

. Mastery of the take-off stroke.

. A minimum of ten solo flights with radio guidance.

. In-flight piloting exercises.

. Landing details.

20 hours of ground work on average

About 10 solo flights on average

Continuous training or accelerated training of one to two weeks.

Theoretical ULM (Common Core ULM) + Mandatory License/Insurance.

Not included in the training.

The "ground work" part can be done in Nouméa, Ouatom or Poé depending on the weather and everyone's availability.


At the end of this training, after authorization given by the trainer instructor and after obtaining the theoretical certificate, you can fly legally with appropriate and registered equipment.

Additional ground and/or flight sessions may be necessary depending on your progress before obtaining the patent

(see Rates page for the cost of additional sessions).

Thomas PETIT

Don't dream about it, do it!


To obtain the PARAMOTOR pilot license,  you need:

- Be in good physical condition;

- Be at least 15 years old;

- Hold the common core theoretical certificate, issued by Civil Aviation. It is an exam in the form of multiple choice questions (60 questions, 1h30). The tests can be taken in an examination center in NOUMEA.

- Have satisfied, with the paramotor instructor, to:

  • A ground test (control of theoretical knowledge of the Paramotor).

  • A flight test (Verification of the procedures and the ability to pilot a Paramotor in complete safety. Can be carried out in continuous control, or by a specific flight).

These tests are specific to the ULM class. The instructor draws up the various certificates, which will be required by the DSAC to which he is attached, for the issue of the pilot's license.

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