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Sail inflationParagliding

Ground sail inflation course

Theory and practice related to paragliding

Preparation on the ground for the first paragliding take-offs

Paragliding remains "free flight" so you do not need a patent or other to be able to practice this discipline

The secret to taking off safely and in amastery  the most total, knowing how to manage the sail on the ground in all conditions!

The sessions take place in the morning and for a duration of between 2 and 3 hours.


2 hour session

TWO-hour session to discover piloting under sail or to improve your skills on the ground.

Constructive session in theory and practice to introduce you to paragliding. The loan of equipment is obviously included and adapted for you!


The session can be done on Poé, Ouatom or Nouméa. 

(subject to weather conditions and diavailability)


10h package
5 day course in poetry

This package is offered to you to train over several sessions in order to progress. This TEN hour package takes place between 3 and 5 sessions.

If you are a beginner, you will need more than ten hours of practice to achieve complete autonomy.

The loan of suitable equipment is also included for each session.


5-day course in Poé

Sessions can be done on Ouatom or Nouméa.

(subject to weather conditions and diavailability)


20H package
2x 5 day workshop in poetry

In general, it takes a minimum of TWENTY hours of practice to master the glider correctly and qualify for the first flight! This package allows you to achieve complete mastery of sailing. You can then train to fly if your level allows it.


2 internships of 5  days in Poé

Each person progresses at a different pace, you may need additional sessions for perfect control.

Sessions can be done on Ouatom or Nouméa.

(subject to weather conditions and diavailability)

Individual Accident insurance is required and not included in the packages
The instructor will offer you the different options for purchasing insurance

For more information, do not hesitate!

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